Set : Olivier Landreville

Costumes: Philippe Dubuc

Lighting Design: Éric Champoux

January 25, 28, 30 & February 2 2020


Conductor: Nicole Paiement

Magali Simard-Galdès (Agnès)

Daniel Okulitch (The Protector)

Luigi Schifano (Angel 1 / The Boy)

Florence Bouget (Angel 2 / Marie)

Jean-Michel Richer (Angel 3 / John)


October 20, 23, 26, 2018


Conductor: Judith Yan

Laquita Mitchell (Violetta)
Jason Bridges (Alfredo)
James Westman (Germont)
Cara McLeod (Annina)
Giles Tomkins (Grenvil)
Beste Kalender (Flora)
Justin Welsh (Baron Douphol)
Jamie McLennan (Gastone)
Aaron Dimoff (Marchese D'Obigny )

Set and costumes: Christina Poddubiuk

Lighting design: Kevin Lamotte



April 14, 16, 20, 2018


Conductor: Tyrone Paterson

Angel Blue (Violetta)

Adam Luther (Alfredo)

James Westman (Germont)

Shannon Unger (Annina)

David Watson (Grenvil)

Barbara King (Flora)

Andrew Love (Baron Douphol)

Michael Barrett (Gastone)

Howard Rempel (Marchese D'Obigny )


February 14, 16, 22, 24, 2019


Conductor: Timothy Vernon

Lucia Cesaroni(Violetta)
Colin Ainsworth(Alfredo)
James Westman (Germont)
Caitlin Wood (Annina)
Giles Tomkins (Grenvil)
Megan Latham (Flora)
Alexandre Sylvestre (Baron Douphol)
Jamie McLennan (Gastone)
Peter Monghan (Marchese D'Obigny )

October 17, 19, 24, 27, 2019


Conductor: Yves Abel

Emily Dorn (Violetta)

Andrew Haji (Alfredo)

Chenye Yuan (Germont)

Irina Medvedeva (Annina)

Angus Bell (Grenvil)

Gena van Oosten (Flora)

Nicholas Borg (Baron Douphol)

Daevyd Pepper (Gastone)

Willy Miles-Grenzberg (Marchese D'Obigny )


«  So, what about the production? It is outstanding, in every aspect. [...] The Montreal-born Alain Gauthier took on the stage director assignment and authoritatively used his French Canadian background to infuse the singers with Gallic essences needed to give the opera an authentic feel, all the while looking out for the farce that embodies everything happening on stage. »

The Times-Herald


October 13, 14 + 20, 21, 2017 

Set designer: Tim McMath

Costume designer: Linda Pisaro

Lighting designer: Patrick Mero

Conductor: Marzio Conti

Vincent Festa / Nathan Krishnaswami (Ouf 1er)

Luke Robinson / Quinn Galyan (Siroco)

Tiffany Choe / Esther Schneider (Laoula)

Courtney Jameson / Melissa Krueger (Lazuli)

Anna Farley / Ashlyn Brown (Aloès)

Brad Bickhardt / Darian Clonts (Hérisson de Porc-Épic)

Jeremy Weiss (Tapioca)

Photos: IU Jacobs School of Music / IU Opera & Ballet Theater 



November 22, 24, 26, 28, 2015

Set designer: Victor Ochoa

Costume designer: Dominique Guindon

Lighting designer: Étienne Boucher

Conductor: Yannick Nézet-Séguin

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre Métropolitain

Lise Lindstrom (Elektra)

Agnes Zwierko (Klytämnestra)

Nicola Beller Carbone (Chrysothémis)

John Mac Master (Ägisth)

Alan Held (Orest)

Tomislav Lavoie (Der Pfleger des Orest)

France Bellemare (Die Vertraute)

Caroline Gélinas (Die Schleppträgerin)

Claude Grenier (an old servant)

Photos: Yves Renaud 


« The Opéra de Montréal's Elektra is a true success.[....] Visually, the simplicity of the set and the costumes, that bring forward Agamemnon's statue, is superb. »

Hufftington Post

« One can only admit that with this Elektra, the company surpasses itself.  This was a masterly production worthy of the most famous opera company of the world and, in the opinion of many, one of the best production of  l’Opéra de Montréal's history. »

Le blogue lyrique de Daniel Turp



January 25, 27, 29 et 31, 2015

Set designer: Annick Labissonnière

Costume designer: Dominique Guindon

Projections: Circo di Bakuza

Lighting designer: Éric Champagne

Conductor: Jean-Marie Zeitouni

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 

Endrik Wottrich (Samson)

Marie-Nicole Lemieux (Dalila)

Gregory Dahl (Le Grand-Prêtre de Dagon)

Philip Kalmanovitch (Abimélech)

Alain Coulombe (Un vieillard hébreu)

Pasquale D'Alessio (Un messager philistin)

Photos: Annick Labissonnière 


« The real surprise in this Samson et Dalila présented by Opéra de Montréal was the contemporary and perspicacious staging of Alain Gauthier. Forget the usual pasteboard set and see, instead, a wall directly inspired from the one built by the State of Israel to isolate the Palestinians. Later on, the fall of the temple tragically reminds us the Twin Towers collapsing. Above all, we've liked the bacchanal scene where, in lieu of the usual kitsch carnaval, they have choose to open a window on erotism and its virtual consommation. »

Le Soleil


« Alain Gauthier, stage director of Dead Man Walking and winner of the 2013 Opus Award for Musical Event of the Year, introduced a sensual, contemporary HD video component to the otherwise more composed, biblical themed visuals. »

PBS Mountain Lake



« Alain Gauthier is obviously the leader behind this show.  You cannot invent culture but you can certainly see it when it,'s there, and I can't even imagine what would be our opera's stages if they could not rely on a talent as safe as his... »

Le Devoir


« This production directed by Alain Gauthier is one of the most successful and consistent achived by the company...  L'Opéra de Québec has perhaps never gave anything as cleverly designed and perfectly tuned as the third act of this Vie parisienne. »

Le Soleil


May 11, 14, 16, 18,  2013 

Set designers: Alain Gauthier/ Opéra de Québec

Costume designer Judith Fortin

Lighting/Projection designer: Serge Gingras

Conductor: Jean-François Rivest

Choeur de l'Opéra de Québec

Orchestre symphonique de Québec 

Robert Huard (Baron de Gondremarck)
Monique Pagé (Baronne de Gondremarck)
Marc Hervieux (Le Brésilien)
Nathalie Paulin (Métella)
Pascale Beaudin (Gabrielle)
Éric Thériault (Bobinet)
Hugues Saint-Gelais (Frick / Prosper)
Patrick Mallette (Gardefeu)

Photos: Louise Leblanc


« A memorable season ending for L'Opéra de Montréal, presenting a Faust with dazzling musical performances, sets and staging. It was one of those exceptional evening where a kind of miracle made you rediscover a work you thought you knew perfectly, but revealing its unespected richness.  »

Avant-Scène Opéra




May 19, 22, 24, 26, 2012

Set designer: Olivier Landreville

Costume designer: Dominique Guindon

Lighting designer: Martin Labrecque

Conductor: Emmanuel Plasson

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre Métropolitain

Guy Bélanger (Old Faust)

Antoine Bélanger (Young Faust)

Mary Dunleavy (Marguerite)

Alexander Vinogradov (Méphistophélès)

Étienne Dupuis (Valentin)

Emma Char (Siebel)

Noëlla Huet (Marthe Schwerlein)

Philip Kalmanovitch (Wagner)

Photos: Yves Renaud 

« A performance marked by a pertinent and very human  direction by Alain Gauthier. » 

Le Devoir





May 25, 28, 30 + June 2, 4, 2011

Set designer: Olivier Landreville

Costume designer: Opéra de Montréal

Lighting designer: Claude Accolas

Conductor: Giuseppe Pretraroia

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre Métropolitain

Antoine Bélanger (Rodolfo)

Marianne Fiset (Mimi)

Étienne Dupuis (Marcello)

Alexandre Sylvestre (Colline)

Pierre Rancourt (Schaunard)

Roy Del Valle (Benoît / Alcindoro)

Lara Ciekiewicz (Musetta)

Isaiah Bell (Parpignol)

Photos: Yves Renaud 



September 26, 30 + October 3, 5, 8, 2009

Set designer: Olivier Landreville

Costume designers: Joyce Gauthier

Lighting designer: Claude Accolas

Conductor: James Meena

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 


Marc Hervieux (Canio), 

Marie-Josée Lord (Nedda)

Gregory Dahl (Tonio)

Étienne Dupuis (Silvio)

Pascal Charbonneau (Beppe)


Gianni Scihicchi

Gregory Dahl (Gianni Schicchi)

Marianne Fiset (Lauretta)

Antoine Bélanger (Rinuccio)

Marie-Nicole Lemieux (Zita)

Patrick Mallette (Marco)

Normand Richard (Amantio)

Pierre Rancourt (Pinellino)

Roy Del Valle (Guccio)

Cyril Fonseca (Gherardino)

Taras Kulish (Simone)

Aidan Ferguson (La Ciesca)

Alexandre Sylvestre (Betto)

Raphaëlle Paquette (Nella)

Gaétan Sauvageau (Gherardo)

Philippe Martel (Spinelloccio

Photos: Yves Renaud 


« A brilliant season opening for the Opéra de Montréal, where Alain Gauthier confirms he is a very sure bet. With his staging of Gianni Schicchi, the director completes his Trittico, which he undertook three years ago.  And, by choosing to begin the evening with Pagliacci and its prologue, featuring the same singer (Gregory Dahl) as for Gianni Schicchi’s epilogue, on the same naked stage bathed in multicoloured lights, Gauthier and his team succeeded in creating an impressive and unified work. »

Opéra Magazine


« Great directing by Alain Gauthier, as required for these two operas in which acting is just as important as singing. (…).  The essentials are there: the characters in both operas are extraordinarily believable; all the singers are also performing as actors, a sure sign that the direction was extremely skilled. »

La Presse


« In each of Gauthier’s productions, we can observe his careful attention to lighting, even when he works with different lighting designers. (…) but, Gauthier succeeds first and foremost in legitimizing this diptych as a production where reality and theatre intermingle seamlessly. »

Le Devoir


« The staging of Alain Gauthier is energetic, often violent, sometimes oddly comical, but always highly intelligent. »




« At the premiere of this double-bill, the show already seemed to be running smoothly.  Besides, we're not sure what to do first: praise Alain Gauthier’s staging and his skilled direction, or the dazzling performance of the singer-actors. »



« The company opened its 30th season Saturday in Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier with an admirably robust double bill, fully tragic, fully comic and very much an illustration of the power of the art form. »

The Gazette


February 2, 6, 9, 11, 14, 16, 2008

Set designer: Robert Prévost et Guy Neveu

Costume designer: Joyce Gauthier

Lighting designer: Anne-Catherine Simard-Deraspe

Conductor: Jacques Lacombe

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 


Aaron St. Clair Nicholson (Figaro)

Julie Boulianne (Rosina)

Frédéric Antoun (Le comte Almaviva)

Stephen Morscheck (Basilio)

Donato Di Stefano (Bartolo)

Sarah Myatt (Berta)

Stephen Hegedus (Fiorello)

Pierre-Étienne Bergeron (Ambrogio)

Photos: Yves Renaud 


« The Opéra de Montréal hit the bull’s eye with a revival of the Barber of Seville that generates good humour in the audience as well as on the stage. (…)  Alain Gauthier’s staging includes a number of cartoon-like effects that reflect perfectly the tone envisioned by the work’s creators. »



« Rossini’s comedy has remained popular for good reasons, and the current incarnation makes most of them apparent. Director Alain Gauthier arranges the duets clearly and nicely synchronizes the serenaders and soldiers. (...) The lesson scene was amusing, with Almaviva torn between his beloved Rosina and his need, as a disguised music teacher, to play the harpsichord.  »

The Gazette


« Cincinnati’s Così fan tutte was produced in an elegant 1930’s Hollywood setting (…) staged by Alain Gauthier as if it were a film.  The concept worked; it was a super-sophisticated delight. »

Opera News


« In larger part, Così’s success derives from the masterful control that director Alain Gauthier, who staged last season’s L’étoile, exercises over every detail of the production.  From concept through execution, he made the production truly, knowingly, deeply comic.  That means considerably more than just inventing funny stage business, which he did, and tacking on some laughs here and there, which he did plenty. »

City Beat Cincinnati




June 28, 30, 2007

Set design: Seattle Opera / Cincinnati Opera

Costume design: Cincinnati Opera

Lighting designer: Thomas Hase

Conductor: Stefan Lano

Cincinnati Opera Chorus

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


Alexandra Deshorties (Fiordiligi)

Marianna Pizzolato (Dorabella)

Shawn Mathey (Ferrando)

Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Guiglielmo)

William Shimell (Don Alfonso)

Nathalie Paulin (Despina)

Photos: Philip Groshong


« Both casts are very strong. (…) here comes stage director Alain Gauthier.  The way he’s directing the spouse and her lover to move closer together and then apart, right under the husband’s nose, is much more eloquent than words.  Gauthier also obtained from Marie-Josée Lord a highly realistic portrayal of a young girl condemned to become a nun for having given birth outside marriage. »

La Presse


« Alain Gauthier’s staging, sustained by Jean-Marie Zeitouni’s conducting, is most impressive.  The gloomy, almost Hitchcock-like atmosphere that pervades the whole production (Il tabarro) continues to grow darker and darker until the final conclusion.  » 

Le Soleil




September 23, 27, 30 + October 5, 2006

Set design: Opéra de Montréal

Costume design: Opéra de Montréal

Lighting designer: Anne-Catherine Simard-Deraspe

Conductor: Jean-Marie Zeitouni

Choeur de l'Opéra de Montréal

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 

Il Tabarro 

Grant Youngblood (Michele)

Turid Karlsen (Giorgetta)

Marc Hervieux (Luigi)

Thomas Macleay (Tinca)

Chad Louwerse (Talpa)

Robynne Redmon (La Frugola)


Suor Angelica

Marie-Josée Lord (Angelica)

Robynne Redmon (Principessa)

Louise Guyot (Zelatrice)

Marianne Fiset (Dolcina)

Geneviève Després (Maestra)

Chantal Lambert (Badessa)

Julie Daoust (Osmina)

Charlotte Corwin (Genovieffa)

Claire Pascot (Novizia)

Photos: Yves Renaud 


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